Harkess-Ord was appointed to develop a flexible, modular, component based signage system to implement across Rexam’s 180 sites in 30 countries.

A five-month time frame was set for the full network rebrand, resulting in Harkess-Ord adopting a new and innovative program delivery model.

  • Rexam USA External Signage

Key to the success of this model was the establishment of a procurement process with a unique set of manufacturers.  For the signage face panels, we used architectural building cladding specialists who could deliver high quality and lightweight panel kits for shipping.  For the signage leg structure, we utilised international standard steel profiles so they could be procured locally and therefore save significant shipping costs.

The combination of the above central and local procurement strategies optimised the best leveraged costs for each component - delivering a true global solution.  These, along with many other value engineering initiatives allowed for very short lead times, low product cost and ease of installation.
To further improve program efficiency, Harkess-Ord established a logistics and distribution point at Heathrow Airport for product packing and site list inventory management.  From there, signage was dispatched to each site in kit form, ready for local contractor assembly and installation.

Benefits Included:

  • Harkess-Ord achieved a 40% full program cost reduction over traditional signage manufacturing and delivery models