Brand Translation
and Application

Innovene, BP’s former network of Olefins and Derivatives, consisting of refineries, distribution centres and offices, were rebranded as part of a wider strategic divestment objective.

Working in collaboration with Landor, Innovene’s branding agency, the Harkess-Ord team were technical specialists for the signage development and product design phases of the rebrand. This included the creation of technical and value engineered solutions for the complex, three-dimensional, multi-tone logo for internal and external applications.

  • Innovene Head Office Reception Signage
  • Innovene Silos Skyline Signage
  • Innovene Head Office Environmental Branding

Our Role

Harkess-Ord was also appointed as global program managers for the rebrand roll-out. This included site survey, manufacture appointment and control, as well as site works and installation management.
Within months of the successful completion of the global rebrand, Innovene was sold to Ineos as the final step of their divestment objective.

Benefits Included:

  • Signage solution engineered for global implementation
  • True color render day/night through acrylic & print engineering
  • Successful rebrand finalizing important divestment objectives