with Siegel+Gale

When Siegel+Gale developed the Ithra brand logo to represent the stunning King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture, they asked us to help realize the complex shapes in 3D.

Following extensive CAD modelling, we moved into the latest 3D printing techniques to develop a range of physical models, allowing Siegel+Gale to explore the designs very quickly and easily. 

After three rounds of prototying we hit upon the perfect combination of visual mass and open space. We then made a final 3D printed prototype that was copper plated, painted and presented to the client for sign-off.

The striking design has become an iconic emblem for the cultural center in Saudi Arabia and the development process shows how we fuse a creative agency’s brand vision, with advanced 3D engineering and technology.

Benefits to Siegel+Gale:

  • Access to a dedicated 3D development engineering team
  • Access to cutting edge 3D prototyping 
  • Fast physical 3D model prototypes
  • Ability to experiment with the logo in full physical 3D
  • High quality final product for client sign-off