Value Engineering

The ASDA lollipop sign was used in huge numbers and made using traditional signage manufacturing. It was expensive to make and ship, hard to install and suffered from fast degradation on we targeted it for a full value engineering overhaul.

Our engineering team cleverly targeted toy moulding technology as the ideal alternative to traditional fabrication and we quickly developed a one-piece hollow unit in self coloured polypropolene that solved all of the briefs parameters.

The new moulded sign was 80% lighter, it could be quickly installed straight onto the existing post and importantly it was 60% cheaper to manufacture than the existing unit. We even solved the on-site damage problems, by using a self-coloured material that shrugged off the scrapes and scratches.

Benefits Included:

  • Low cost manufacture - 60% reduction
  • Low cost shipping - 80% lighter
  • Easy install - 50% faster
  • Better weather resistance
  • Better vandalism or damage resistance
  • Improved environmental impact in manufacture and install