Nationwide Brand

When Harkess-Ord was selected to manage the rebrand of Shell’s New Zealand network of 220 service stations and 90 truck-stops in seven months, the project was recognized as the largest project of its kind in the country for over a decade.

Commencing with a 10-site pilot program to test the new design for both interior and exterior application, Harkess-Ord worked with Cato Partners, Z Energy’s design agency, to develop the concepts into real 3D site application.

Our engineering team explored a wide range of materials and technologies in the New Zealand marketplace which could meet the demands of the program. We identified several alternative manufacturing processes that would offer huge potential cost savings to Z Energy.

Z Energy Product Design
  • Z Energy Fuel Station
  • Z Energy Canopy Logo
  • Z Energy Fuel Station
  • Z Energy Fuel Station
  • Z Energy Fuel Station
  • Z Energy Fuel Station

As a result, products were designed in a modular format and sourced from a broad range of mainstream engineering industry supply chains, from aquarium and canoe manufacturers to modular steel building suppliers – all delivering significant cost savings.

At an average pace of converting 12 sites per week, Harkess-Ord sourced, trained and managed a wide range of contractors, from the fit-out, signage and building industry to ensure the new Z Energy brand was delivered on time and under budget.

  • Z Energy Fuel Station
  • Z Energy Convenience Store
  • Z Energy Convenience Store
  • Z Energy Convenience Store

Program Facts

1.  Pilot survey program of 20 sites to establish cost models, program rollout timeframe and project stages

2. Complete nationwide survey program across 230 Shell petrol filling stations and 90 truck stops

3. Concept partnership with design agency (Cato Brand Partners) to create 3D form of Z identity

4. 3D design of brand elements, suitable for the rebrand of the whole Shell network.

5. Engineering the specifications of all brand products

6. 320 Individual site design systems and documentation using Harkess-Ord’s online Brand Asset Management tools

7. Installation of signage onto 10 pilot sites for review and approval

8. Procurement through NZ supply chain for product manufacture and installation across the whole network

9.  Implementation of rollout over 7 months at a fast average pace of 12 sites per week

Benefits Included:

  • Alternative molding technology provided a 76% product cost saving and maximized product durability
  • LED technology gave an 81% reduction in energy usage and resulted in a carbon production saving of approximately 1/2 ton per Lollipop sign, per year
  • Alternative steel fascia frames resulted in 50% cost saving over fabricated aluminum
  • Color warranty of 10 years on the fascia panels with new printing technology, a first for the industry for gradient graphic applications
  • Significant improvement in brand presentation and consistency across the network