Branding 1000
BP Well Pads

To launch the new BPX Energy Brand. We audited, designed and implemented a unique low-cost signage system for 1000 upstream and midstream BPX Energy facilities.

Well pad signage is traditionally poor quality and subject to wind and UV damage, but with 1000’s of signs to implement we needed a radical solution! 

Our engineers turned to the electrical duct work industry for its super low-cost profile extrusions and using a modular uni-strut frame, we developed an incredibly cost-effective signage system that was highly resistant to the weather conditions and could be implemented at a much larger scale for the same budget.

Wind and UV are the biggest problems faced by signage on well pad, but deep concrete footings are slow to install, expensive and carry high safety risks.

To meet this challenge our technical team devised a revolutionary low-cost ground screw foundation system that offered all the benefits of a concrete footing but with higher safety levels and an installation time of just 90 seconds!

Benefits Included:

  • Full signage audit and implementation for 1000+ Upstream and Midstream facilities
  • Alternative technology design that revolutionized well signage systems
  • Signage production costs 30% lower than traditional suppliers
  • Fast 90 seconds footing installation time