Harkess-Ord provide design support for the 2017 Alcohol and other Drug Excellence and Innovation Awards.

October 11, 2017
by Paul Sparks

Held in July 2017, the AOD Awards, hosted by The Alcohol and Drug Foundation and the Australian Federal Government recognise people and organisations, from 8 categories, that do exceptional work to reduce the harm and impact of alcohol and other drugs in Australia.  The winners do work that benefits the entire community, and they should be thanked, rewarded and their stories shared.

The winners received trophies which reinforced the spirit of the awards though visual and form language. The 3D shape was solid and approachable to hold, FSC Certified Victorian Ash was warming to the touch and the smooth satin varnishing conveyed a professional, high quality finish. A top each trophy was a different polished stainless steel embellishment, distinguishing the unique contribution that each category winner makes towards a community without harm.