Branding for the People

December 29, 2011
by Paul Sparks

People’s Choice Credit Union (PCCU) was the result of the merger between Australian Central and Savings and Loans Credit Unions. PCCU developed their brand, public image and branch environment to offer a real alternative to the traditional banking perception which was progressive with customer engagement, bold and rebellious.

Harkess-Ord designed and engineered a range of internal workplace branding, external signage and merchandising systems suitable for the newly created network of branches which were in line with their brand ambitions.

Focusing on the customer journey and product purchasing decisions, Harkess-Ord created a clear hierarchy of information that was progressive and uncluttered using high impact imagery and messages.

With a view to minimizing manufacturing and refit costs, we value engineered the POS and merchandising systems. These items were placed along the customer journey and helped with the transition from the old Credit Union to the future of financial services branding.